Factors to consider when writing a speech

Speeches are common assignments in the academic world. Many times students are faced with the task of writing different kinds of speeches. For some students this may prove to be difficult because they do not know where to begin. There are certain factors that can guide you when writing your speech.

  • Audience. This is the most important factor to consider when writing your speech. The audience will determine the perception of your speech. You must therefore tailor your speech to suit the needs of the audience.
  • Topic. When choosing the topic, it is necessary to consider its relevance to the field and the audience. It is also important to select a topic that you are passionate enough about to write on and speak about.
  • Language. Speeches must be written in language which the audiences can comprehend. If you use terminologies that your audience is not familiar with you might not convey your message.
  • Format. When writing the speech you should use the given format. Where you have not been given a format, you will need to write an introduction, the main body and end with a logical conclusion.
  • Aim. The purpose of the speech will influence its content. You must therefore carry out research taking into account what message the speech aims to convey.
  • Time. If your speech is limited to certain time frames then you need to write accordingly. Ensure that your speech will neither be too short nor too long to the audience.

The above factors should be able to guide you when writing your speech and make your work much easier.

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